Weight loss and muscle tone are the primary goals of our classes! But, the third - and most important goal - is to make sure you have fun and enjoy your workout!


Is this the first time you've ever trained? 

We know how you feel because everyone started out as a learner. Our friendly trainers will put you at ease and teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of every session. 


Feeling nervous about attending on your own or starting something new?

It can be scary to show up for your first session, but trust us when we say you'll soon feel at ease. Even if you come alone, you won't feel out of place since everyone here is kind and welcoming. You'll immediately make gym buddies with others at 3PC!


Limited to 10 spots per month!

Have you ever wanted to try 3PC?

Our 2-Week FREE Trial is the best way for you to get started! You'll receive a 2-week pass, allowing you to train with us for FREE - saving you more than $125!

What is included?

  • Access to all classes!

  • A discounted membership if you continue training with us!

  • No strings attached!

The 2-Week FREE Trial is a great way to find out if 3PC is a good fit for you. 

Instead of a basic "7-day" trial or “pay $50 for 5 sessions” where you might not be able to make many sessions, you will have a whole fortnight to try as many classes as you want... without any ties!!