Are you short on time??

Give HIIT Training a try!

The Definition Of HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a type of workout designed to force you to give your absolute best in the least amount of time. To be more precise, during a training session, you go through short stages that comprise of explosive exercises followed by short periods of recovery. As your heart rate goes up, your cardiovascular fitness level improves and you manage to burn an insane amount of fat and calories in literally, no time. The best part is, all you need is 20-30 minutes for an awesome workout!

HIIT Training Benefits

Because it involves short bursts of physical exercise, high-intensity interval training forces you to exercise at your full capacity. As a result, you consume the maximum oxygen rate during a workout, thus being more effective than any low or medium intensity interval training.

No, it is not just another overly-advertised buzzword - here we’ve outlined just some of the greatest HIIT benefits, not just fitness-, but health-related ones as well:

• Burns more fat at a faster rate

• Helps you build muscle while reducing the amount of fat

• Helps retain the muscle you already have

• Burns more calories during the recovery and resting time

• Improves athletic endurance

• Boosts metabolism

• Burns fat up to 48 hours after a workout

• Improves your heart health 

• Reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome 

• Reduces the risk of high blood pressure and sugar 

• Lowers the risk of obesity 

Last year’s research conducted by Mayo Clinic attempted to prove that HIIT workouts also helps reverse the ageing process. As a result, they saw exceptional benefits on a molecular level, but also metabolically, since high-intensity interval exercises showed to reverse some ageing process manifestations within the human body’s protein function.

Just what we were looking for - a workout that would keep us young and strong, both on the inside and outside.

Types Of HIIT Workouts

Still, one of the greatest benefits of the high-intensity interval training program is its versatility. Although the workout time is fairly short, it is comprised of varied exercises that target every inch of your body for the most optimal results. Furthermore, the array of exercises is precisely what makes you an addict to this intense fitness lifestyle, as HIIT workout can never make you feel bored, and keeps you 100% motivated.

Aside from exercises, HIIT programs differ in timing of the work and rest periods, depending on the difficulty of the exercise.

The most popular styles include EMOM, TABATA and AMRAP. All of which you’ll find in some form or another at 3PC.

Who Can Take Up HIIT Workout?

Anyone, really - what differs from one individual to another is the amount of effort they are able to put in in the workout when they first begin high-intensity training. The best thing about HIIT training is that you can set the pace and intesnity!

So, those who are just starting with a new workout regime after a long pause, or are still recovering from an injury can modify the pace. At 3PC we make sure we provide plenty of modifications for all fitness levels!

Proper form trumps speed and reps any day - push yourself beyond the limits, but don’t push yourself over the edge.

Tips For First-Timers

While we are on the topic of safety during a HIIT workout, let’s discuss it in a bit more details.

High-intensity training sessions are highly physically demanding, and those who live fairly inactive or sedentary lives must build up their cardiovascular fitness gradually.

• Take between 3 to 5 minutes pre and post workout to warm up and cool down

• Begin with modified exercises

• On your first week, start at a medium/easier pace

• Take minimum 1 or 2 days off to recover between two HIIT workouts


HIIT workout is adequate for all types of people, regardless of their ultimate health or fitness goal.

• Are you looking to rid of the excess body fat and lose weight? Go for it.

• Are you looking to gain lean muscle? Go for it.

• Are you looking to improve your overall metabolic state? Go for it. 

• Are you looking for a new challenge that would not compromise the muscle work you’ve already done? Go for it.

Getting yourself round to completing the very first high-intensity cycle might be daunting (to say the least). But as soon as you notice the first changes in the mirror (and trust us, they are just a few HIIT workouts away), you are bound to feel a surge of motivation!