Brad: lost 8% body fat!

Brad leads the pack with his BIG time results! Practicing what he preaches, he's cut down 8% body fat since becoming the head trainer at 3PC!


In late 2020, Brad began his journey to get fit with 3PC. Since then, he's lost more than 7 kilograms and put on muscle! Dropping his body fat percentage from 25.4% to 17%!

Brad's physical changes aren't as important as the changes he's made to his mindset. He's worked hard to develop one of the best growth mindsets in the fitness industry, which is why his philosophy of health is very complete as he knows what it takes to achieve results in the gym!

If you have trained at 3PC before, you would have noticed that his positive energy is hard to avoid.

Great work Brad, the 3PC team are proud of how much you’ve achieved.