The reason why you should do an InBody scan

Should I get an InBody scan?” is a question we are asked a lot at 3PC! The answer to this question is always case-by-case. However, if you’re serious about tracking your progress and keeping yourself accountable towards your health goals, then this blog post is for you!


What is an InBody scan?

An InBody scan is a comprehensive test that measures your muscle and fat mass with 98% accuracy, providing you with a better understanding of your body composition. It does this with bioelectrical impedance technology, which takes less than a minute and is painless!


The THREE BIG BENEFITS you’ll get from doing an InBody scan.

ONE: Gives you motivation and a focal point.

This is the perfect tool for you if you're one of those people who simply goes to the gym without really knowing where to start or where to focus.

The scan allows you to break down and discover areas of your body to focus on. For example, if someone's visceral fat was higher than what is considered healthy, they should pay more attention to their nutritional habits. They might also need to get stronger in their upper body because it is weaker than other parts of their body.

TWO: Allows you to track progress.

Having a goal to work on is excellent! But we need to know whether we are heading towards or away from that target. The body scan helps you to keep track of your progress and pivot your training/eating habits if need be, making it simpler for you to identify what is working and what isn’t.

SIDE NOTE: 3PC trainers always re-test to see if the improvements they have made are working. So if us as trainers are testing regularly to see our progress, then it would be contradictory not to recommend 3PC members to scan regularly!

THREE: Tells you the full story.

Finally, the InBody scan provides extensive information about your body that the bathroom scales at home can't even begin to compare to. We’re not knocking the bathroom scale, as it’s a great way to keep track of your weight loss progress, but...

People who are new to exercising, on the other hand, may be discouraged by bathroom scales (since their weight may continue to increase!) This is because they are building muscle as a result of the new stimuli. This kind of weight gain (a good kind) sometimes scares individuals when they work hard to lose weight but do not see the scales.

This is where measuring your body fat mass and muscle mass is very useful as it takes the focus off of your overall weight and focuses a lot more on the facets that make up your body weight