What are the benefits of hybrid classes?

3PC's Hybrid Class block is a widely discussed topic! High intensity training sessions every day might be a shock for some 3PCers! Whereas others thrive on the opportunity to get their heart rate up and sweat on a daily basis. Nevertheless, there is a lot of value in the reasoning why we include hybrid classes!


The biggest reason why we run these classes is because it allows your muscles to de-load & recover!! Yes... by changing the style of your training for a week and offering a different stimuli you allow your muscles to recover! But how exactly..? Hybrid style workouts enhance the blood flow to your working muscles! This ultimately flushes out lactic acid build up and makes you feel fresh for when you come back into strength training. Which means you will be able to lift more and perform better in the next training block!


Will’s BIGGEST tip of ADVICE!

The hybrid classes are actually most beneficial when you go at your own pace! Remember, it doesn’t have to be a max effort session! You can cruise through the session at 70-80% effort where you’re working hard but not working so hard that you feel exhausted by the end of the session. So ensure you focus on keeping your heart rate at a comfortable and steady level to reap the most benefit out of these classes!

Ps. It’s only a week so ensure you make the most of it, knowing the end is near!