When to adjust your gym routine..?

People often ask themselves this question when they begin to lose interest or feel unmotivated towards their training. Remember, the best training programme is one that you can follow consistently over a lengthy time period.

To ensure you avoid habit breakdown, make sure you switch exercise routines or gyms before you get bored of your current style of training! Otherwise, it will be TOO LATE!

Habits are a lot harder to build back up! So try a new style of training before you become bored at the gym!

As the old saying goes, it’s better to prevent a problem than to solve it!


So, how do I know if I need to alter my training regimen?

The time has come to mix up your gym or training routine when you don't notice any progress in your performance or changes in your appearance.

Two methods to track your physical changes...

1. InBody Scan

Getting a body scan done every 2-3 months, like the one we provide at 3PC, is a great way to see changes in your body composition! This is extremely beneficial to those who have a goal of fat loss or muscle growth!

2. Progress Photos

Taking photos of yourself with similar lighting in the same spot is a great way to see physical changes! You’ll be able to compare photos from 2-3 months ago and see how far (or backward) you’ve come!

Two methods to track your performance...

1. 3RM Testing

If you want to make sure you're on top of your game and progressing with your weight training, 3PC does three-rep max (3RM) tests every 8-12 weeks. The more weight you can lift, the better your physical results will be! This is vital for maintaining motivation at the gym.

2. Monitor your heart rate

When your heart rate stays between the green and yellow zones throughout a workout, you know your aerobic capacity has increased enough to keep your body functioning while under stress from exercise!

In conclusion, make sure you stay on top of these tracking methods! They will help you continue to see results at the gym and will indicate to you when it’s time to give up the old you and find a new training style or gym!