Why we limit our FREE trials..? It’s not the reason you think!

First and foremost, we had no idea they'd be so well-liked in the community! It was overwhelming to see the amount of support and enthusiasm for 3PC that we got, so a big thank you to everyone who inquired about them!

So... why exactly?

When it comes to the quality of our training environment, we at 3PC rely on the energy and commitment of our current 3PCers! As a result, we limit the number of free trials we give out to ensure that we don't dilute our present membership base.

Instead of having a class full of shy trial members, a session full of existing 3PCers makes trial members feel at home. Our 3PC members are highly familiar with the facility and always offer a helping hand when needed! This helps reduce trial members' concerns about their safety and well-being while working out.

When will the next round of FREE Trials be?

We will be running another round of FREE trials at the beginning of September! Our ten free 2-week trials for August at 3PC sold out in just five short hours!

To guarantee that you don't miss out on our pre-sale for the September release, you may want to sign up for our email list!